Which soil should I use?

I... You need...
am starting seeds. Sprout
am potting up a transplant. Sprout
have flower pots and hanging baskets.
need to fill a new raised bed. Grow
have a large container garden of vegetables. Grow
have newer vegetable beds that need a boost. Grow
tilled a patch of yard for a new bed. Wendell
want to give some love to my yard's existing beds. Wendell
need a slow release organic fertilizer. Wendell
need to pot up my aloe. House
grow organic cannabis in >5 gallon pots. Bloom



  • Grow is for veggies and flowers in outdoor raised beds or containers larger than 5 gallons.
  • Grow is a peat-free bulkier blend with pine bark and 50% compost, plus amendments like kelp, bone and blood meal.


  • Sprout is a seed starting and general potting mix.  
  • Ideally blended for root development and short term nutrients like blood and kelp meal, and 20% compost for soil health. 
  • Seed-starting in cells, trays, and soil blocks. Pots. Flower pots, planter boxes, hanging baskets, herbs.



  • Wendell is organic compost which acts as the foundation for all of our soil blends. 
  • Compost is high bulk density, meaning it is not an ideal root medium. But as a top dress, it feeds all the beneficial microbes in the soil and acts as a slow release fertilizer throughout the growing season - not to mention a carbon sequester and weed suppressant! 
  • High tunnels, crop fields, existing garden beds, and as a base layer in raised beds.


  • House is formulated for indoor houseplants. 
  • High drainage to avoid root rot and nematodes to keep the gnats away.


  • Bloom is for growing cannabis plants, in veg. and flower.
  • Cannabis is a very heavy feeder and requires more nutrients than other plants such as flowers,
  • Growing cannabis in 5 gallon pots or larger for water only feeding.