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Looking to bring some life into your Home for the Holidays?! Check out River Plant Co. in Rocky River. Not only do they provide beautiful and robust living plants for your home or office. They also have unique gifts and accessories, party rentals, and support small, local businesses EVERY Saturday! River Plant Co.

At River Plant Co., you’re bound to be greeted by a face full of plants and the smiling faces peering behind them. The staff is knowledgeable, the shop is beautiful, and there’s a little something for everyone, even if you claim to have a “black thumb”, which the River Plant Co. team assures, is not a real thing. They vehemently claim that, “anyone can plant!”,  which has the same positive effect as Ratatouille Chef Gusteau’s, “anyone can cook!

Jennifer Hihn started River Plant Co. in her home. As a lover of plants and design from a young age, her hobby took over in the last few years as she began to set up buffet tables in her front room so neighbors and friends could shop for plants and paint pots. However her kids, dogs, and husband soon agreed that a different venue was in order. And so began the journey to 20161 Lake Rd. in Rocky River. However, Jennifer didn’t leave the homey feel behind, with her intentional set-up of cozy chairs, benches, and wall hangings all around the shop. She cultivates the “try it out” atmosphere where customers frequently shift things around to visualize how a large palm might fit behind their own living room set or how a pothos or string of pearls might elegantly drape over the edge of a coffee table.  

River Plant Co. also supports other local and small businesses. Not only do they use and sell our locally made Tilth Soil house plant mix, they also host a small business every Saturday from 12-3pm. These businesses include photographers, bakers, macramé, and more. Additionally, their offerings continue with classes for children and adults from Terrarium building to clay pot painting. These offerings go hand in hand with their other retail items such as planters, pun-intended plant accessories, kitchenware, baskets, and candles. 

But what about the plants? Plants abound from the rare black ZZ, to large Yucca palm, to small varieties of succulents, to easy to care for Snake plant and more! They have plants that are blooming, vining, spreading, poking, and seemingly growing out of thin air. And they keep all these plant babies going with Tilth Soil, both House and Sprout. Why? Because Tilth Soil has beneficial nematodes to mitigate fungus gnats, has adequate absorption and drainage to prevent “flooding”, and is made locally with food scrap compost! They recommend, if you’re new to being a plant parent, to try easy to care for plants like a snake plant (sansevieria), pothos (epipremnum aureum), or ZZ (zamioculcas zamiifolia) in a fresh pot with Tilth’s House mix to give them the best start. 

Are you interested in carrying Tilth Soil in your retail store like River Plant Co.? Contact us today for wholesale pricing!


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  • I love the pics of your store can’t wait to stop in!

    Jeff Klosky

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