Below are some questions we get from time to time. Please feel free to read through the frequently asked questions below and if you do not find the answers you're looking for reach out to us over chat or email: info@TilthSoil.com

  • What is N.O.P. Compliant? 
    • The National Organic Program, or NOP, is the rigorous standard set forth by the USDA outlining what is required for compost to be allowed for use in certified organic production. At the basis of all of our products is our biologically active, living, compost that meets and exceeds the standards set forth by the National Organic Program. 
  • Are your products Organic? 
    • Our products have been reviewed and approved for organic use by OEFFA, MOSA, and are KIND Certified. If you live or grow in an area where these authorizing bodies are not recognized, you can request to have our products reviewed and approved for organic use near you. 
  • Food Waste Compost: Why is that important? 
    • Tilth Soil, unlike many commercially manufactured soils has as its main source of nitrogen food waste. By helping to divert food from entering landfills Tilth Soil, in partnership with their sister company, Rust Belt Riders, are actively helping to combat climate change due the massive impact food waste has on the global climate crisis. When food enters landfills, as it all too often does, it emits harmful methane gas which is a potent accelerator of global climate change.