Our Story

We are a worker-owned cooperative dedicated to climate resilience, food autonomy, and workplace democracy.

Our mission is to “Feed People, Not Landfills”.

We do this by redirecting food waste from our nation's landfills and converting these salvaged resources into nutrient-rich compost. This compost serves as the foundation of our family of healthy soil blends for farmers, home gardeners, houseplant parents and everyone in between.

This is our commitment to a circular, regional economy with roots firmly planted in solidarity, autonomy and connection.

We believe the work we do is as important as how we do it, practicing workplace democracy while engaging with this mission.

Tilth Soil

Since 2014, Rust Belt Riders has been working with people and organizations across Northeast Ohio to provide them with a clean and timely alternative to landfills for their food scraps.

Food scraps are a resource that need to be cherished. They are a critical component connecting us to nature, one another, and to the systems with which we constantly interact.

By diverting food from landfills, we support our local food system through the creation of value-added agricultural products. 

We are working on big issues and making bold efforts to address these issues in the best ways we know how.