The Future of Food

Jun 27, 2022 Andrea Heim

Starting Seeds

Mar 15, 2022 Andrea Heim

Wanting to start your seeds from home this year? Here are some tips!

Planning for the Farm Dream

Feb 15, 2022 Andrea Heim

Eric and Annabel of Bay Branch Farm in Cleveland, Ohio are full time farmers, but it didn't start that way. They had a plan that navigated them through savings, standard jobs, and creative incomes. The former software developer and recruiter followed their plan through innumerable lessons.  Their plan continues to evolve and allows them ownership of their own lives, as well as the ability to create life through the planting of a seed and nourishment of a neighborhood.   Check out this blog post to learn more about this thoughtful duo and Bay Branch Farm.

Birdsong Farm: Revitalizing Soil through No-Till Farming

Jan 19, 2022 Andrea Heim

Matt Herbruck of Birdsong Farm has been following certified organic practices for decades. See how he revitalized his approach with no-till growing.

Frayed Knot Farm: Regenerative Flower Farming

Dec 22, 2021 Daniel Brown

Frayed Knot Farm is located 30 miles east of downtown Cleveland and grows over 100 varieties of annual and perennial flowers and foliage on less than an acre. Using hand scale and regenerative farming practices, the flowers produced and foraged are offered in CSA bouquet subscriptions, wholesale to florists, for events and workshops. Check out this blog post to learn more about Emily and her regenerative flower farm.

River Plant Co. & House

Nov 23, 2021 Andrea Heim

Looking to bring some life into your Home for the Holidays?! Check out our partners at River Plant Co. in Rocky River, Ohio. Not only do they provide beautiful and robust living plants for your home or office. They also have unique gifts and accessories, party rentals, and support small, local businesses.


Oct 18, 2021 Daniel Brown

Overwintering takes practice, luck, and consistent weather, but a fresh salad in December is worth the effort!