Why We Like Growing Cannabis in Living Soil

Issue two passed in Ohio! That means that you're able to grow your own outdoor cannabis at home. Six plants per adult and twelve plants per household. Are you excited to try your hand at growing cannabis in Ohio.

issue 2 living soil growing cannabis at home

There are a variety of ways to grow cannabis, but using soil is like going back to basics – and it's pretty cool. Why? Well living soil - not that dead dirt you get at a box store - is like a bustling city for tiny creatures that help your plants. These little guys make sure your weed gets the nutrients needed to stay healthy.

If you're just starting out, soil is forgiving. It's kind of like a safety net for beginners. Even if you mess up a bit, your plants can still thrive. Plus, there's something special about seeing your weed grow in natural dirt – it's nature doing its thing!

living soil

We also believe flavors of weed grown in soil are more interesting too. Think of it like cooking with fresh ingredients instead of something from a fancy lab. Soil gives your weed a unique taste and smell that people really love.

Growing weed in soil isn't just about the end result; it's about keeping things down-to-earth and feeling connected to nature. It's like your plants are saying, "Hey, I belong here." So, if you're thinking about growing weed, consider letting it put down roots in good old-fashioned living soil - like our Bloom mix. It's a simple, natural way to grow some really awesome plants.


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