House | Organic Indoor Houseplant Soil Mix
House | Organic Indoor Houseplant Soil Mix
House | Organic Indoor Houseplant Soil Mix
House | Organic Indoor Houseplant Soil Mix

House | Organic Indoor Houseplant Soil Mix

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House | NOP-Compliant Indoor Houseplant Mix

House is the product of hearing too many house plant parents struggling to keep their indoor loved ones happy and healthy. Too often store-bought mixes need further amending, the addition of perlite or trace minerals not to mention the constant monitoring for fungus gnats and other pests. We have formulated House to be a well-draining, ready-to-use-right-out-the-bag product that anticipates common problems associated with raising your favorite house plants. We inoculate each batch with steinernema feltiae nematodes which parasitize fungus gnats before they can emerge. House is a great insurance policy for any of your hearty indoor house plants. 


Indoor houseplant potting soil designed to provide excellent drainage for easy houseplant care.

Ingredients: living compost, peatmoss, perlite, gypsum, blood meal, bone meal, sharp sand, paramagnetic rock dust, biochar, nematodes, kelp meal

*ingredients subject to availability

BUYING BAGS? Choose what method is convenient for you! 

Purchase soil online and pick up at our store in Cleveland, Ohio, or choose shipping.

Stop by our store at 2701 Saint Clair, Cleveland, Ohio, 44114 during open business hours.

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BUYING LOOSE CUBIC YARDS?  Choose what method is convenient for you! 

We deliver loose yards of organic soil around Cuyahoga County. You can also pick up soil from our bulk yard.

Our current bulk pickup location is 7450 TERMINAL DRIVE, LORAIN, OHIO 44053.

All loose cubic yard pick-ups must be scheduled in advance and paid in full before pick-up.

A Tilth representative will reach out within 48 hours (business days) of ordering to schedule your pick-up appointment.

All pick-up parameters MUST be met. Your order will not be fulfilled if parameters are not met.

Pick-Up Parameters:

  • You must sign a waiver of liability (provided upon pick-up).
  • Orders will only be loaded into vehicles that are standard pick-up trucks or larger (standard pick-up truck beds maximum of 1 yard per scheduled pick-up).

  • Ordered material must be able to be loaded via skid steer and Tilth Soil equipment, no shoveling or totes.

  • The load must be covered. according to Ohio Transportation Laws

If you have any questions about your pick-up, please call (216)-800-4651.