Succession Planting in your Garden

Jun 03, 2021 Andrea Heim

Succession planting is a great way to get the most out of your growing season. Learn about what to plant, when to havest, and how to get multiple growing cycles out of your garden in a single season.

Unpacking the good: Community Supported Agriculture

May 13, 2021 Marc Lefkowitz

Take a closer look at how Community Supported Agriculture got started, supports local farmers, and might be one of the keys toward a more sustainable & equitable food system. 

Setting Your Garden Up For Success

Apr 26, 2021 Andrea Heim

Some advice from a seasoned farm manager on simple tips to ensure that your garden will be successful this year. The four main things to focus on are: organization, sanitation, watering, and weed management.

Raise Your Garden Game

Apr 12, 2021 Marc Lefkowitz

A recap of our workshop with Michael Bartunek of Grow at Home, on the proper planning, structure, maintenance, and management of your raised beds. Follow these helpful tips and your raised beds will be productive while keeping overly onerous maintenance at bay. 

Look Closely At Compost

Apr 05, 2021 Marc Lefkowitz

Creating compost might seem like a simple, albeit involved, act for some but for Nathan Rutz, our Director of Soil, the making of compost and in turn, Tilth Soil, is more of a calling then anything. Take a dive into the mind of Nathan to better understand the passion we have for the creation of excellent soils.

Seed Starting Workshop: A Recap

Mar 24, 2021 Marc Lefkowitz

Seed Starting: Find your neighbors and share what works (and what didn’t) because conditions like soil, water, and sun vary yard by yard. It’s a good reminder that gardening is best practiced with a little patience and perseverance; like all things, it takes tending.