Wendell | Organic Screened Compost
Wendell | Organic Screened Compost
Wendell | Organic Screened Compost
Wendell | Organic Screened Compost

Wendell | Organic Screened Compost

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Wendell | Organic Screened Compost

With Rust Belt Riders, we re-purpose food waste, otherwise destined for landfill, into nutrient-rich organic compost, Wendell.

Alive with microbial activity eating and discarding nutrient-rich waste, like apple cores and coffee grounds, Wendell is packed with vital nutrients.

Wendell, meets National Organic Program standards. By turning our piles five times when they reach 131°F, we ensure all weed seeds and pathogens are eradicated, providing assurance for a healthy growing environment.

Explore more in our blog post "Look Closely at Compost" on The Soil Underground for deeper insights into the composting process.

It is important to note that compost is not soil. Soil is sand, silt, clay and organic matter (which may contain finished compost). This is why we do not recommend using Wendell as a growing medium, as its pH may not be conductive to plants comfort and happiness without added amendments.

This is why we've curated different soil blends for different purposes, with our organic compost, Wendell, as the base.

For growing in pots and starting seeds, check out Sprout. Starting a raised bed or garden plot? Use Grow. Excited about the passing of Issue 2 and ready to grow your own cannabis? Bloom. Houseplants we kept simple with our mix, House.


Top dressing and base layers for raised beds, high tunnels, fields, gardens, and fall applications for over-wintering.


Food Waste-based compost.


    Our current bulk pickup location is 7450 TERMINAL DRIVE, LORAIN, OH 44053.

    All loose cubic yard pick-ups must be scheduled in advance and paid in full before pick-up.

    A Tilth representative will reach out within 48 hours (business days) of ordering to schedule your pick-up appointment.

    All pick-up parameters MUST be met. Your order will not be fulfilled if parameters are not met.

    Pick-Up Parameters:

    • You must sign a waiver of liability (provided upon pick-up).
    • Orders will only be loaded into vehicles that are standard pick-up trucks or larger (standard pick-up truck beds maximum of 1 yard per scheduled pick-up).

    • Ordered material must be able to be loaded via skid steer and Tilth Soil equipment, no shoveling or totes.

    • The load must be covered. according to Ohio Transportation Laws

    If you have any questions about your pick-up, please call (216)-800-4651.